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Scoliosis is a potentially debilitating side-bending curvature of the spine. It can begin at virtually any age, limit normal activity, result in postural deformity, and cause significant pain. If you or your child suffers from Scoliosis, it’s important to know that help exists. We can ensure that you receive an accurate and complete diagnosis and prescribe treatment to remedy the condition of Scoliosis.

BOULDER SCOLIOSIS at the Center for Healing Injury and Pain in Boulder, Colorado, is committed to relieving the pain and dysfunction of Scoliosis in children and adults. We serve patients all along the Front Range, including Denver, Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, Broomfield—as well as Wyoming, Nebraska, and beyond.

Gary B. Clark, MD, MPA, directs the clinic. For details on Dr. Clark’s expertise, visit our other site at BoulderProlotherapy.com.

If you’ve been told that “Braces and Surgery are the only options”—and that there is ABSOLUTELY no other treatment avalable, at all—then we encourage you to contact us.

Scoliosis does not have to be a lifelong condition.

Braces and Surgery are not the only answer.

Boulder Scoliosis | Gary B. Clark, MD, MPA | 1790 30th Street, Suite 230, Boulder, CO | (303) 444-5131